angry birds 2 coloring pages

Individual birds and spells are represented on cards. Tapping on a card will select it, placing its contents on the slingshot for launching. Players increase their score by destroying objects and pigs and leveled up birds multiply the score. Upgrading the slingshot also multiplies your score. Birds can be leveled up by gaining feathers of the respective birds and the slingshot can be leveled up by completing a hat set (hats are purchased by black pearls). The “Destruct-o-meter” fills up during play and if it gets full, a random card will be given to the player. Only three cards can be displayed at a time; the rest appear in the deck. The player begins with five lives (or more by purchasing) and loses one if all cards have been used and at least one pig remains undefeated; once all five lives have been lost, the player must use gems, watch an advertisement or wait (30 minutes for each of the five lives) until the lives are refilled.

angry birds 2 coloring pages, You don't need to store physical coloring books.

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