Big dipper coloring page

In Ireland and the United Kingdom, this pattern was traditionally known as the Plough (Irish: An Camchéachta – the bent plough). The symbol of the Starry Plough has been used as a political symbol by Irish Republican and left wing movements. Former names include the Great Wain (i. e. , wagon), Arthur’s Wain or Butcher’s Cleaver. The terms Charles’s Wain and Charles his Wain are derived from the still older Carlswæn. A folk etymology holds that this derived from Charlemagne, but the name is common to all the Germanic languages and the original reference was to the churls’ (i. e. , the men’s) wagon, in contrast to the women’s wagon, (the Little Dipper). An older “Odin’s Wain” may have preceded these Nordic designations.

Big dipper coloring page, If your kid is grown-up enough you're able to tell him about warm colours and cold colours and the way to utilize it together.

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