Blue whale coloring pictures

The blue whale is the largest known animal to have ever existed. The International Whaling Commission (IWC) whaling database reports 88 individuals longer than 30 metres (98 ft), including one of 33 metres (108 ft), but problems with how the measurements were taken suggest that any longer than 30. 5 metres (100 ft) are suspect. The Discovery Committee reported lengths up to 31 metres (102 ft); however, the longest scientifically measured individual blue whale was 30 metres (98 ft) from rostrum tip to tail notch. Female blue whales are larger than males. Hydrodynamic models suggest a blue whale could not exceed 108 ft (33 m) because of metabolic and energy constraints. The highest recorded weight for the species is 199 tonnes (196 long tons; 219 short tons).

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