Fire dragon coloring pages

Ah Ha (Brigitte Lin) is an assassin known as Fire Dragon serving the evil Sixth Prince (Tan Lap-Man), who sent her on a mission to retrieve and destroy the incriminating letter but Yuen Ming (Max Mok), a wandering swordsman manages to save it. Both Yuen and Fire Dragon go undercover in a traveling acrobatic troupe led by Lyn Yu (Sandra Ng) while trying to draw each other out. However, when Ha becomes more involved with everyday people who welcome her into their homes, she transforms from a cold-hearted killer to a generous, heartwarming woman. The sixth prince, learning of the betrayal, orders her friend, Snow/Eagle Claw (Yeh Chuan-Chen) to kill Ha. Ha accidentally kills her in a duel, and is determined to stay with her good side. With some help from a couple of chilvarous friends, she rises up, set on attacking and defeating her former master.

Fire dragon coloring pages, Coloring pages isn't only intriguing but also practical activity.

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