Also notable are the numerous contradictions between the expanded universe and both TV series. Grievous is depicted as having four fingers per arm in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series whereas Star Wars: Clone Wars has the general depicted as having five. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and most other comics depicted him as having six fingers per arm. The original Clone Wars incarnation was fast, acrobatic and powerful but not as often in command when compared to the more recent The Clone Wars incarnation of the character. Furthermore, his asthmatic cough and hunchbacked stance are already present, despite having not gained them prior to his confrontation with Mace Windu. The general’s back story has also been changed: supervising director Dave Filoni stated that Grievous opted for surgery in order to gain abilities that would allow him to rival a Jedi. This is reinforced by season one’s tenth episode “Lair of Grievous” which suggested the general’s transformation into a cyborg was a gradual process.

general grievous coloring pages, Some color printables feature 2-4 colours and figures, whilst you can get more complicated book types as well (more than 10 hues).

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