The appeal of the merchandise lies in the fact that most, if not all, of the slogans are apathetic and sometimes offensive and derogatory, and one commentator noted that “‘It’s Happy Bunny’ has joined the “tasteless” category of merchandise . . . “. The slogans include, among others, “You suck and that’s sad”, “Cute but psycho: things even out”, “Hi, Loser”, “It worries me how dumb you are”, “Dear Santa, leave presents. Take Brother!”, and “I am the dominant bunny in the world” . It’s Happy Bunny also has a line of “medicine” to cure quite awkward (fictional) diseases such as the “I’m delusional” pills; they are actually mints or small candies, the word poison badly blocked out with crayon (with happy bunny holding a crayon) and written in crayon there is, “mints for a frend”(sic).

happy bunny coloring pages, Focusing on a drawing on a page does much for children.

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