Originally held at Pulse in Birmingham, the sheer popularity of the weekly Midlands-based, self-styled “Most Outrageous Club in the World” saw it quickly set up its second base in Leeds – firstly, at Club Uropa from 1998 till 2000 and then Evolution from 2000 till 2005. Known for its cult following by fans who would wear elaborate and often home-made outfits, largely made from red and yellow fluff. Several controversial and tragic incidents kept Sundissential firmly at the forefront of the hard house scene, with several deaths of clubbers, as well as the antics of the promoter, Paul Madden a. k. a. “Madders” which created gossip amongst fans online on Leeds based clubbing forums, biscuitmonsters. com and 4clubbers. net and kept the brand firmly in the spotlight until the doors closed in 2005. In 2016, the brand was relaunched under new management and began putting on events again in Leeds, at the Mint Club and at Church.

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