jasmine flower coloring

It was created during the Qianlong era (1735–1796) of the Qing dynasty. There are several regional versions of the song, :84– the more well-known one from Jiangsu, and the other from Zhejiang. They have different lyrics and melody. :46–
One version of the song describes a custom of giving jasmine flowers, popular in the southern Yangtze delta region of China. Another, longer version describes the fear of plucking the flower. :46– :81–82 It has been played on ancient metal bells (bianzhong) and modern jade chimes. It uses the five note (pentatonic) scale ubiquitous in Chinese music. The tune is one of xiaodiao (“short tunes”), popular in Chinese urban areas. In 1804 a British diplomat, John Barrow, noted that the tune seems to be one of the most popular songs in China. :84–

jasmine flower coloring, They learn to complete a task before starting the next one.

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