Molten man coloring pages

Mark Raxton was born in New York City. He was a scientist who could not wait to use his skills to become rich, and once worked at Oscorp Industries, as the laboratory assistant to Dr. Spencer Smythe, creator of the Spider-Slayers. Raxton and Smythe developed an experimental new liquid metallic alloy for the Spider-Slayers from a radioactive meteor, but Raxton attempted to steal it and sell it. In the ensuing fight with Smythe in the laboratory, Raxton spilled the liquid alloy all over himself, his skin absorbing it and turning golden. Fearing for his life, Raxton ran for the nearest hospital, only to discover that the alloy had changed him for the better when he angrily punched an irate motorist’s hood, buckling it. Realizing the great potential his new abilities afforded him, Raxton, calling himself Molten Man, turned to crime to further his monetary gains. Peter Parker, as Spider-Man, nearly missed his high school graduation to stop the Molten Man’s first crime spree. Raxton was later released from jail, only to continue his criminal activities. However, he was once again defeated by Spider-Man.

Molten man coloring pages, In order for a child to be happy and develop well, the role that parents play is extremely critical.

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