The second series, Ben Harper, husband and father to three different and often difficult children, has spent his working life as a dentist. Just as well, as most of his life seems rather like pulling teeth. His wife Susan is usually busy showing foreign tourists around London, a place she knows much better than her own kitchen. Ben and Susan have been married happily enough to have three children. However, Ben has the feeling that most of the time his children seem to speak a different language. Nick (20) has persuaded his parents he would benefit from a gap year to see something of the world, but he has hardly seen anything beyond the confines of the sofa. Janey (17) is into boys, fashion labels (expensive ones), and getting her own way. Michael (14) is the brightest of the trio. He is seriously into computers and not so seriously (yet) into girls.

my family coloring worksheet, This site features some 140 animals images that can be colored in this manner.

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