Organic food coloring

Demand for organic foods is primarily driven by consumer concerns for personal health and the environment. Research shows that even highly processed organic foods such as pizza, icecream or cereal can be perceived as healthier than the non-organic versions, depending on the marketing messages that are used to promote them. Nevertheless, from the perspective of science and consumers, there is insufficient evidence in the scientific and medical literature to support claims that organic food is either safer or healthier to eat than conventional food. While there may be some differences in the nutrient and antinutrient contents of organically and conventionally produced food, the variable nature of food production, shipping, storage, and handling makes it difficult to generalize results. Claims that “organic food tastes better” are generally not supported by tests, [page needed] [page needed] but consumers often perceive organic food produce like fruits and vegetables to taste better.
Organic agriculture has higher production costs and lower yields, higher labor costs, and higher consumer prices as compared to conventional farming methods.

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