ph scale coloring worksheet

The exact meaning of the “p” in “pH” is disputed, as Sørensen did not explain why he used it. He describes a way of measuring it using potential differences, and it represents the negative power of 10 in the concentration of hydrogen ions. All the words for these start with p in French, German and Danish, all languages Sørensen published in: Carlsberg Laboratory was French-speaking, German was the dominant language of scientific publishing, and Sørensen was Danish. He also used “q” in much the same way elsewhere in the paper. So the “p” could stand for the French puissance, German Potenz, or Danish potens, meaning “power”, or it could mean “potential”. He might also just have labelled the test solution “p” and the reference solution “q” arbitrarily; these letters are often paired. There is little to support the suggestion that “pH” stands for the Latin terms pondus hydrogenii (quantity of hydrogen) or potentia hydrogenii (power of hydrogen).

ph scale coloring worksheet, These pages keep the child very much entertained as compared to other activities.

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