Sailor pluto coloring pages

Sailor Pluto is not introduced until late in the Sailor Moon R series, though she appears earlier in the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal, in the chapter/episode named after her, though this is still at the halfway point. She is the Guardian who guards the Gates of Time. She is first seen contacting Chibiusa through Luna-P in the anime; this does not happen in the manga or Crystal. In fact, this ability of Luna-P’s is anime-only. Sailor Pluto refers to Chibiusa as “Small Lady. ” Chibiusa usually calls Sailor Pluto by the nickname “Puu”. She acts as Chibiusa’s guardian in the anime, but is more of a friend in the manga and Crystal and her deference to the future queen is apparent. She is also very good friends with Diana, which makes sense considering Diana is to Luna and Artemis what Chibiusa is to Usagi and Mamoru, and occasionally trusts her to watch the Door of Space-Time. Overall, Pluto in the manga seems to be good with children, which is probably why she ends up working as a nurse at Chibiusa’s school in the fifth arc. She also mentors Ami/Sailor Mercury in the fourth arc, allowing her to power up to her Super form.

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