Salvation army coloring pages

Some shops are associated with an Adult Rehabilitation Centres (ARC) where men and women make a 6-month rehabilitation commitment to live and work at the ARC residence. They are unpaid, but they are provided with comfortable room and board. Many ARCs are male-only. The program is primarily to combat addiction. They work at the warehouse, store or residence. This is referred to as “work therapy”. They attend classes, twelve-step programs and chapel services as a part of their rehabilitation. The Army advertises these programs on their collection trucks with the slogan “Doing the Most Good”. The general design pattern is that an ARC is associated with a main store and warehouse. Donations are consolidated from other stores and donation sites and then sorted and priced and then distributed back out to the branch stores. Low-quality donated items are sold at the warehouse dock in a “dock sale”.

Salvation army coloring pages, It is that simple.

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