Victorian london skyline

London also became home to a sizable Jewish community estimated to be around 46,000 in 1882 and a very small Indian population consisting largely of transitory sailors known as lascars. In the 1880s and 1890s tens of thousands of Jews escaping persecution and poverty in Eastern Europe came to London and settled largely in the East End around Houndsditch, Whitechapel, Aldgate, and parts of Spitalfields. Many came to be work in the sweatshops and markets of the rag trade, refashioning and re-selling clothing, which itself was centered around Petticoat Lane Market and the “Rag Fair” in Houndsditch, London’s largest second-hand clothing market. As members of the Jewish community prospered in the latter part of the century, many would leave the East End and settle in the immediate suburbs of Dalston, Hackney, Stoke Newington, Stamford Hill, and parts of Islington.

Victorian london skyline, This requires being imaginative and creative.

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