Wings of fire nightwing

Clay and Peril see Kestrel’s trial. Osprey, Peril’s only friend, defends Kestrel by explaining Kestrel’s life: Kestrel went through the breeding program and hatched an egg with two twin dragonets, one with too much fire and one with too little fire. They were both determined to be dangerous, and Kestrel was ordered to kill one of them by Scarlet. She killed the dragonet with too little fire, and even though Scarlet said she’d forgive her, she changed her mind and ordered to have the other dragonet killed. Kestrel tried to escape with her only daughter but was badly burned and had to leave the only daughter she had behind. Peril realizes that she is the dragonet in the story and that Kestrel is her mother. Peril says that she will fight on behalf of Kestrel, citing an old law saying that the queen’s champion can free any prisoner if they win a battle. An enraged Scarlet sends flightless Osprey falling to his death.

Wings of fire nightwing, As an issue of fact, the kids won't even realize that they're learning because they are enjoying all of the moment.

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