Small Network Icons – A Collection of Distinctive Icons!

In this 21st century, technologies have been used in every field. So, there is no exception in the field of computer. In this regard, several icons are used by the users to make their work even easier. Small network is a collection of distinctive icons that represents all operation related to network. You can represent several attractive network related images through these icons such as traffic, data transfer, internet, network connection, local area connection, network key, network support, network tools and many more. The other collections of such icons are network card, network hub, network engineer, network security and many others. Now you can get these attractive icons for only $ 49.95. You can also get all standard sizes, styles, file formats and color depths of these icons. Each icon are coming in ICO, BMP, GIF and PNG formats. Customer can also get these icons in normal, disabled and highlighted states. Small Network Icons are used in:

  • Security applications.
  • Internet and Network utilities;

    You may purchase the whole Small Network Icons range and individual icons for just $5 each. The icons that are included in the Small Network Icons are of best quality as well as are crafted by the professional designers. Also, they are the excellent option for the individual software developers as well as small businesses keen to make use of Modern quality of icons in the applications without any need to hire the designer for drawing them. The Icon Impire plans releasing their next icon packages as well: Standard Flag Icons, Standard Desktop Icons, Standard Office Icons, Standard Aero Icons, Standard Computer Icons, Standard Weather Icons, Standard Software Icons and Standard Folder Icons. You may download free Small Network Icons now. The Small Network Icons is pre made best quality of icons that are representing different network associated items: cable, network hub, network card, network engineer, wireless connection, administrator, network security, and many more.
  • Ui Guidelines – Follow The Guidelines!

    Adding great icons to your desktop will adds value to your products and seems more professional to the users. Creating a unified look and feel throughout a user interface and streamlining the graphic style will make the UI more professional to users. There is much information available for you to create icons for several parts of your applications. By following some particular guidelines will help you to create a unified experience for the users. There are some detailed guidelines discussed below for the common types of icons used throughout Android applications. They are the following

  • Launcher icons – Launcher icons depict your application on the device’s Home screen and in the Launcher window
  • Menu icons – Menu icons are placed in the option menu, come into function when the user press menu button
  • Status bar icons – These icons are used to depict notification from your application in the status bar

    Views exist completely within the viewpoint and aren’t shared, however any of the opened editors are shared over perspectives. In case, two and more perspectives have same view opened, then they share similar instance of a view though the layout might differ in their perspectives. For the perspectives in various Workbench windows, editors and views are not shared. These guidelines are innovative screen guidelines application for Mac OS X and this feature product meets needs of the web developers or graphic designers. First and Fourth Quadrant means Guidelines measures vertical axis from the top down or from bottom up. The Guidelines begin with the Initial Set of the guides, which trisect screen in the horizontal and the vertical axes. Make New Guides just by clicking mouse in a “track” at an edge of your screen. New guide is made and you may MOVE that where you want.

  • Large Weather Icons – Related To Various Weather Condition!

    Large Weather Icons have designed by the expert’s icons designers to inform about various weather related information such as: sidebar gadgets, weather toolbars and weather portals. The user can get more than 48 professionally crafted designs of the icons image from these icons collection. Large Weather Icons is show various condition of the weather in smooth and attractive image formats. These icons are suitable option both for the web sites and software related application. These icons are available in several sizes like the 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 256×256 and 512×512 as well as more than 32 bit color scheme that suitable for the users to choose any designs easily. You can also find all these icons in various formats such as: ICO, PNG, and BMP through which you can never requires to make any change in your system setting to download your desire icons designs that related with various condition of weather. The weather icons are handy while displaying weather status, and generating the weather based content and lots more.

    You may also customize look of the website according to weather conditions (CSS -Tricks has the nice tutorial). There are some beautiful weather free condition icons that is been used. Here is the collection of all of them: The set of around 38 best quality of weather icons, which includes each weather condition such as rainy, sunny, foggy, snowy, and lots more. Download file’s extension should get changed to the .zip for opening file. They are in the PSD format with layers and 58*54px size. The second weather icons have around twenty two unique icons, sixty six in total: day or night as well as three different sizes: (38x34px, 28x25px, 56x50px).The beautiful weather icon with around 47PNG icons in 128X128px sizes. They are all free for the non-commercial projects.

    Navigation Icon – Complete Set of Attractive Icons!

    Navigation Icon is the complete set of attractive GPS programs, geo-mapping and navigators. It is a royalty free icons collection that has offered everything to the navigation tool according its requirement like the map to compasses and arrows to the satellites. These icons are available in every size and formats, so the users have got their required size to download on their desktop. Basically, these icons are available in the common sizes likes the 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 128×128 that required for windows vista. At the same way, the user can find the icons in all formats likes the BMP, ICO, GIF and PNG, so the users are never required any sorts of change in their system sitting to download it. The user can purchase the icons both in the single and complete segment in cheap. Due to faster processing, you can get your desire icons immediately after your order.

    Navigation Icon – lots of of liquid and Smooth navigation icons to improve the interface of the applications Navigation Icon is the collection of the royalty free stock icons for the use in commercial as well as personal products, that includes the software applications, blogs, web sites, as well as presentations. The icons are very carefully made pixel by pixel by hand of the professional artist. Also, they shine with the bright palette of, smooth as well as well rounded edges. Best in the quality, icons can help developer to place the professional feel to project’s Interfaces without need to hire the designer and spend days and weeks on designing the icons on own. The Navigation Icon is been delivered in various formats and sizes, that includes GIF, ICO, PNG, BMP and sizes as 24×24, 16×16, 48×48 and 32×32. The icons are also available in around 256 colors as well as in the True Color with the semi transparency. What is more, the icon formats for the Windows Vista are as well available with this size as 256 x 256. The web products and software may look Modern as well as attractive with the navigation software.