Yellow Web Buttons – Available In Various Sizes!

As for name suggest Yellow Web Buttons icons collection has loaded with eye catching icons that decorated in yellow. It is also the important icons collection to handle or eliminate the various processes of the social networking sites. Users can find various buttons like the Undo and Rotate, Home, Back and Forward and RSS that essential for the social networking sites. The users can find the Yellow Web Buttons icons collection in PNG formats and various sizes like the 16*16, 24*24, 32*32, 48*48, 256*256, and 512*512. In this regard, the user doesn’t require making any sorts of change or edits the icons to download on their desktop. With the help of the Yellow Web Buttons icons collection, the users can easily access any operation in their desire social networking sites. Yellow Web Buttons icons collection is also available in several formats through which the user can get their desire design.

The Free set of around 12 editable as well as resizable buttons, which comes in the yellow color. Make the social site in yellow theme and Yellow Web Buttons give bundle of the navigation images for the social networks as well as communication sites. Icons are simple on eye, and give you uniform theme painted in the yellow. Collection of the Yellow Web Buttons gives 48 special images, all coming in the sizes of 48 x 48 as well as 64 x 64 pixels.

Yellow Web Buttons give designers as well as Web developers simple method to design the communication site. The users of the social networks, chats as well as instant messengers will customize the browsing experience with another clean, and uniform theme. Yellow Buttons integrate rightly in the blog themes as well as forum skins. Collection of the Yellow Web Buttons also includes the images commonly used as the navigation elements in sites as well as social networks. Web buttons like Add and Remove, Left and Right, Up and Down, and Favourites, Lock and Unlock, Home, Zoom In and Out, Playback, Rotate, Mail as well as Message among others.

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