Representation – Explain the Symbols That Stand for Any Products or Places

Representation can explain the symbols that stand for the particular product or place. It is also known as the shortcuts graphical sign that one can easily know about any subject without any criticality. This sign is also the right way for everyone to express any large data in simple manner. However, these signs can be control in order to create some idea about any topic for the world. On the other hand, philosophers have offered different opinion regarding to various representations. In most of the cases, it is also stand for various activities of people. It is also associated with different sign and art that stand for something else. It is also carry some meaning that stand for specific subject or event. Now, it is also using as the way of communication language that takes less time to suggest any person regarding any matter as well as the products in place of text. In order, to represent is “bringing to mind by the description,” “to symbolize, being embodiment of;” from represente, from L repraesentare, and from re-, the intensive prefix, and praesentare,” lit. “for placing before”.

The representation is one kind of the recording where sensory information about the physical object is been described in medium. Degree in which the artistic representation resembles object that it represents is the function of resolution as well as doesn’t bear on denotation of word. Example, both Mona Lisa and child’s crayon art of Lisa Giocondo will be considered as representational, as well as any preference over other would have to be known as matter of the aesthetics.

History From ancient times representation that has played central role to understand literature, semiotics and aesthetics. Aristotle and Plato are some key figures in the early literary theory that considered literature as one form of the representation.

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