Symbols – Symbols Says Everything

A symbol is something that represents some piece of information. As we know each and every language consists of symbols. Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung has suggested another alternative definition of symbol what differentiate it from the word sign. In his point of view a sign stands for something known. He contrasted this point of view with symbol. He suggests that symbol stand for something that is unknown and can not be made precise. Written language is composed of variety of various symbols that create words. He also suggests that man’s reaction is a direct outcome of symbols. He gives emphasis to that human help to create symbols by seeing different print sources and symbols about the past. Burke goes on to state that symbols is being derived from Sigmund Freud’s theory. He also says that symbol is substituted for another word to change its meaning in the whole process of the subject.

Swiss psychoanalyst Jung, who has studied archetypes, planned the alternative meaning of symbol, and distinguishing from term sign. In his view, the sign stands for known, as the word stands for referent. He also contrasted with the symbol that he used for something, which is not known and that will not be made very clear and precise. One example of the symbol in sense is the Christ as symbol of archetype called self. Example, the written languages are been composed of various different symbols, which make words. By these written words, the humans communicate with one another. Kenneth described sapiens as the “symbol using, symbol misusing animal and symbol making” to indicate person makes symbols in their life and misuses them. One instance he utilizes to indicate the meaning behind the symbol misuse is story of the man who, and when told any particular item was the whale blubber, can barely keep throwing that up.

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