3ds Max – Applied on the Microsoft Windows Platform

3ds Max is previously known as 3D Studio MAX, and it is an animation, modeling package which have evolved by Autodesk Media and Entertainment. It has also considered as flexible plugin architecture and modeling capabilities that can be applied on the Microsoft Windows platform. This sort of package is rapidly used through video game developers, architectural visualization studios, and TV commercial studios. This package is also applied in movie for special effects and pre-visualization. Moreover, 3ds Max’s animation and modeling tools are the latest version. 3ds Max is also having numbers of essential features. Here, you can get some vital features which have required to look before using it. These essential features are discussed below.

  • Dynamic simulation
  • Radiosity
  • Normal map
  • Global illumination
  • Customizable user interface
  • Scripting writing
  • Subsurface scatteringNow, you need to look for these features before using it. It’s the online media and here you can get allsorts of information about 3ds Max.MAXScript

MAXScript is the built in scripting language, and is used to automate the repetitive task just combine the existing functionality in the new methods, develop the new tools as well as user interfaces and lots more. The plugin modules are made totally in the MAXScript.

Character Studio
The character Studio was plugin that since version4 of Max is integrated in the 3D Studio Max, and helping the user to animate the virtual characters. System works making use of character rig or else “Biped” that is pre-made as well as allows user to adjust rig for fitting character they are animating. The dedicated curve editors as well as motion capture import tools don’t make, but, Character Studio perfect for the character animation. The “Biped” objects have some other features, which automated production of the walk cycles as well as movement paths, and secondary motion.

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