Don’t Copy That Floppy – An Anti-Copyright Violation Movement

Don’t Copy That Floppy was an anti-copyright violation movement start by the SPA or Software Publishers Association in the 1992. However, the video for the campaign, beginning by the M. E. Hart that known as the MC Double Def DP was filmed performed at the Cardozo High School of Washington, D.C.  It has produced by the SPA, Copyright Protection Fund, Educational Section Anti-Piracy Committee, in association by the Vilardi Films. These groups are distributed this film for the general awareness by the VHS tapes. In later years, this film is becoming a show through the websites like the YouTube. In the May 2009, the Information Industry Association and Software has released trailer summarize to Don’t Copy That Floppy that is known as the Don’t Copy That 2 on the September 9. It is also creating a great change against the piracy problem that is standing as a big issue in front the people of digital age. Two teenagers, Jenny and Corey, are playing the game on classroom computer.

Corey is pushing the keys to show viewer he is immersed heavily in game action; and Jenny beats him. Frustrated, asks for the rematch, however she has the upcoming class as well as should leave. He chooses he can copy game so he will play that in home. On inserting the blank floppy disk in Apple Macintosh LC video pops up on computer. The video is of rapper named the Double Def DP “Disk Protector”. Point of video is a message, which copyright infringement of the software can cause computer and video game industry for losing the profit, resulting in the halted production of computer games. Rap video part is interspersed with the interviews of artists, programmers, writers, and lawyer.

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